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5 Tips on How to Save Up Money for your Next Car

February 19, 2016 at 2:39 am

save money car

Saving money for a new car is easier said than done. Saving for the future on your basic savings account without a good grounded plan could be extremely time consuming. Having said that, when the car of your dreams appear for sale, it can be difficult for you, wanting to purchase the vehicle but lacking the affordability for it. To enable yourself a better situation to own that purchasing power, here are five smart money-savers that will help you realize your goals and develop a game plan.

1. Savings account

Savings Account car

Open up a basic savings account that is only dedicated for the use of your car. This way, it’s clear on how much money you already saved and how much you still need to gather. The most important thing is to find a savings account with a good interest rate. Next to that, consider the use of time deposit. You can open an advance account with a connected sub account. This trick helps you to never forget to put money aside. It simplifies your banking needs and helps you to achieve your financial goals.

2. Determine your goals

save up for car malaysia

Set yourself ambitious but reasonable saving goals to keep yourself motivated. The use of a time-frame can be a great motivational tool. It’s important to monitor your progress on a regular basis when it comes to long-term savings. Nowadays this is very easy throughout the use of 24hr personal Internet banking or telebanking. If you are interested in how to achieve your goal, check out the following inspirational video.

3. Budgeting

If you have set yourself a saving goal, it’s easier to reach this goal by dividing your paycheck into major expenses. Budgeting your income and dividing it over your major expenses will help you in keeping a budget. This way you ensure yourself to pay the bills on time, have funds for unforeseen circumstances, and reach your financial goals.

4. Cut your expenses   

car saving savings save upIt’s a smart move to write down all your expenses throughout the month. The overview you create this way allows you to easily reduce your expenses. In general, people don’t know where they spend all their money on. It’s highly likely that a lot of expenses are unnecessary. The money you can save this way should be transferred to your savings account. Nowadays there are many apps you can download to help you keep track of your expenses (Here’s a free app to test)

5. Get educated

car deal better

When buying a new car, it’s important to have some know-how about the business. Do some research on Google and you will find sites like this with multiple tips and tricks that could come in handy. A better deal is easier made with the correct knowledge. Furthermore, timing is essential in this business. Buying at the end of the year is the most convenient. If that doesn’t suit your schedule, you’ll also get better deals at the end of the month when sales staff is trying to make its quota.

Next best option
Another option to get your car faster is of course through the use of amanah personal financing. Banks are usually eager to give out loans but in the end this will always cost you more money. If you decide to get a loan, always try to pay as much as possible upfront – this way you will pay less over the next several years.


Spa in KL

November 13, 2015 at 1:17 am

Top 3 best spas in KL

No matter what you’re in Kuala Lumpur for; business or pleasure, backpacking or sightseeing, you should definitely visit a spa. With so many choices, it may be hard to find the best one. Read on to find out about the best spas in KL.

The Majestic Spa at The Majestic Hotel KL

Everything you need to relax, you can find here. They offer luxurious treatments with a distinctly British flavour. Also the art deco style is different than any other spa. A welcome drink will wait for you upon arrival. Combine a nice massage or facial with an English Afternoon Tea treatment and you will feel like a queen or king in a British royal spa. Furthermore, a membership is available with great benefits.
A great spot to fully relax

A great spot to fully relax

Aaroma Concept Beauty Spa Boutique

Again you will feel like you’re in the UK, because Aaroma Concept Beauty Spa Boutiques products are fully imported from Aromatherapy Associates London UK. Besides from the signature European treatments they offer, they also offer great Asian signature treatments. They don’t only have treatments in many styles; they also have treatments for any skin type!

Swasana Spa

If all this doesn’t convinces you to run to a spa straight away, then you haven’t heard about Swasana Spa yet. Based in the deluxe Impaina KLCC Hotel, the spa couldn’t be located any more central so you can escape from the hectic city all the time. With its luxurious choice of massages, healing therapies, facials, body treatments and aromatherapy, it is not a miracle Swasana Spa won the World Luxury Award in 2014. Furthermore, it has been awarded the 5 Star standards by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.
It’s not too hard finding a spa you’d like to go; just go to http://beautyguide.com.my/list/spa-resort and this website will do the rest for you!
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